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Welcome to the Website of Sherwood E-ACT Academy.

Thank you for looking at the information about our Academy.

Currently, the Academy is led by Co-Principals – Peter Kingham & Kelly McKay.

We are experienced Principals with a strong history of helping schools achieve the absolute best for their students.

Sherwood is a special place of Education:

It is small enough to know EVERY individual student yet BIG enough to provide a wide range of opportunities. Imagine a school where your child is known, cared for, monitored and is a TRUE INDIVIDUAL, that is Sherwood E-ACT Academy.

The students are special - they are polite, supportive, want to achieve and immensely proud of their academy. They really work hard to achieve.

The staff are very flexible - they provide individual and high quality lessons where students learn and achieve. Resources are plentiful and teaching is exciting.

So, whether you are looking for a new place for your child to be treated as an individual, known and looked after or looking for a place that your child can join in the next academic year, SHERWOOD E-ACT is the BEST PLACE YOU CAN CHOOSE!

Peter Kingham/Kelly McKay



Wednesday 2 April 2014
Category: General
Posted by: sherwood
All students will break up for Easter on Friday 4th April at 2pm, If you need your child to remain in school until 3pm please let us know.  Students will return to school on Tuesday 22nd April.     

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